The phone rings and on the other end is a desperate sounding voice. “Can you help us? We have an event next week and we’ve been let down”!

This is a plea that we have heard on numerous occasions. You see an act that you want to book for an event you are having. The act is available and hands you a mobile number. That’s it, job done – or so you think. The date of the function is getting closer and it’s time to contact the act to check that everything is okay but the number you have is no longer available. You’ve tried every possible means of getting in touch but draw a blank every time so eventually you end up calling us.

How much easier if you had contacted Norwich Artistes in the first place. There is a misconception that booking through an agency is more expensive. Quite often, due to our buying power, we are able to offer the entertainment at a competitive price. What’s more you will receive a binding contract to confirm the booking. Your insurance is that should anything happen last minute whereby the act is taken ill and has to cancel, you don’t have the problem of trying to find a replacement. We take care of that for you.

Norwich Artistes knows quite a bit about functions. We’ve organised a Weymouth beach party for 500 people and variety shows in HM prisons. We’ve presented a live version of Strictly Come Dancing with Lionel Blair and flown singers into the UK from Sydney Opera House. We have imported and produced a major rap show from Los Angeles into the Dubai desert for over 7000 spectators and arranged entertainment for both HM The Queen’s private Sandringham estate and Stephen Fry’s birthday party. The Zulus we supplied for a client caused quite a stir in North Norfolk and last, but by no means least, the magician that we provided for little Sarah’s 6th birthday party – now that was something special.