Ben Heason

Ben Heason Pic

Ben is a professional rock climber, originally from Snowdonia in North Wales. Since 2005 he has given talks across ten countries, inspiring tens of thousands with highlights of his adventures. His presentation demonstrates that, by coupling hard work, focus, planning and teamwork with positive thinking and a determination to succeed, just about any goal is attainable.

The primary focus of his presentation revolves around his ground-breaking expedition to Venezuela where he made the first free-climbed ascent of the world’s highest waterfall – Angel Falls, which is over 3,200 feet high. His ascent of this widely-recognised natural wonder of the world had a remarkable impact on the world’s climbing community and is regarded as one of the most impressive achievements in its field.

His presentation, incorporating video and stunning photographs, is not just about the climbing. It describes the adventurous six-day journey to reach the overhanging wall, deep in the heart of the Amazonian jungle as well as the three-week climb, including 14 consecutive nights sleeping on the wall. It was a life-changing experience that Ben is eager to share with others.