Barrie James

Barrie James Pic

Barrie James is a tremendously versatile musician who led his own five and six piece bands throughout the dance hall days of the 70’s and 80’s. In 1977 he played for a private party at Sandringham in Norfolk as part of a celebration during her majesty The Queen’s Silver Jubilee year.

Nowadays he appears mainly as a solo performer playing haunting tenor saxophone and clarinet live and accompanied by professionally produced backing tracks which include piano, keyboards and bass and help switch the mood from intimate piano-based melodies to the bygone days of the big band era.

Barrie James still retains his enthusiasm for music and apart from his solo work he still sometimes features as part of a duo, trio or other size combo that he is able to assemble when required to do so.

The music that he performs features a wide range of contemporary and popular standards that, although from an age long past, still offers tremendous appeal to a wide range of ages. Barrie James has literally hundreds of songs at his disposal