Andy Fisher

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Andy is a professional educator, entertainer and personal development coach with more than 20 years experience. His practice as a teacher and mentor, combined with his training in graphology, advanced communication techniques and psychotherapy, have given him a unique insight into what makes people ‘tick’.

After working with literally thousands of different types of handwriting in his personal and professional life, Andy noticed all kinds of relationships between the styles of handwriting and the personalities and character traits they belonged to. This led him to exhaustively study the fields of handwriting analysis and pictometry (interpretation of doodles) in an effort to better understand his intuitions and the patterns he had begun to identify.

Several years later, Andy arrived at a system of analysis that allows him to reveal a person’s strengths, weaknesses, dominant traits and personal quirks simply by the way they doodle a tree and sign their name. He demonstrates his uncanny talents in a playful and respectful way to groups, small and large, in the private and corporate arena.